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Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

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diet tracking [Nov. 3rd, 2006|10:56 am]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary


BF: drip coffee w/milk & most of a croissant (200?)

LUNCH: other (small piece) of the croissant (50) & "Thai kitchen" brand spring onion soup (190) & 16 oz water

------------midday: 440 calories ------------

DINNER: pizza & beer = 800

=======Daily 1240 Calories===========


BF: coffee & milk (50)
SNACK: coffee & milk (50)
LUNCH: chicken salad @ mcdonalds (450?)
DINNER: some mashed potatoes w/butter ; 1 piece of salami & some beer : (350?)

======Daily 900 calories =============
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diet tracking [Nov. 2nd, 2006|04:41 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

[music |"wake up exhausted" - by Tegan & Sara]


BF: coffee w/milk
Lunch: 4 boiled eggs
SNACK: another coffee w/little milk
Dinner: veggies & cheese (green peppers, bannana hot peppers, roasted red chilis, cherry tomatos, cucumbers, green olives & white cheese to wrap the veggies in - about 4 slices of cheese eaten)
Late movie night: a few beers & 2 reses peanut butter cups & 1 almond joy fun size.

------guessing um.. 600 for meals total---------
-------then add those beers & chocolate another 800 =1400 for Day------

Nov. 2nd:

BF: Maple Latte & a bran muffin (350?)
LUNCH: french onion soup (bowl) w/cheese melted on top & 2 iced teas w/lemon (no sweeteners)( 350?)

-------subtotal pre dinner/night @ 700 cals ---------

DINNER: bowl of mashed potatoes w/butter & salt & a few beers (at least I'm honest! can't improve my diet if I'm not honest) _ we'll say that is 400 calories

Daily total : 1100 calories
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measurement check in [Nov. 1st, 2006|07:57 am]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary


measurements day - Nov.1st, 06
neck 12.5"
bust 40"
underbust 33"
waist 31.5"
hips 41"
upper arm 12"
thighs 23.5"
calves 15"
wrists 6"

we'll call this the start point for me measuring lost inches, k?
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pumpkin pie - stolen recipe! [Oct. 30th, 2006|10:29 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary


totally swiped from my lj friend hellscook

recipe lies here, matie; you've been warned!!Collapse )
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Monday - tracking foods [Oct. 30th, 2006|05:46 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

BF: coffee w/milk (~70 Cal)
8 oz of water

SNACK: 8 oz of water

LUNCH:(half-sized order of) Stirfry Veggies Pesto: Artichokes, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Chicken & Onions in a Walnut Pesto sauce (sans pasta) - with Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top (300 calories?)
coffee w/a splash of milk & 1 creamer (35 cal)
8 oz of water

------------Midday subtotal: 405 Calories -----------------

oddly, I had no appetite at dinner, but I ate with the kids anyway; I probably shouldn't have since I wasn't hungry (shrug?) I had:
1 turkey hotdog (100)
in a crescent roll (50)
some cheese (100)
in a crescent roll (50)
& 3 dark chocolate jackolantern cookies wo/the creamy filling (100)
& blue corn chips with hummus (100)

the calories are an estimate, & put me at 500 calories for dinner, which feels like about right.

& I had a small scotch (100)
Daily Total : 1050
week "weak" spot pre planning:
Halloween trickortreating is tomorrow! Prob. some kinda warm drink for the girls after trick or treating (hot cider w/cinnamon & hot cocoa are both avail. at home) the warm sweet drinks will be more tempting then the candy; but the chocolate will be hard to say no to, I expect.

the 11th; going to St. Cloud to visit cousin & family, so likely to have too much food around (& chocolate) then too.

Then thanksgiving, Athena's birthday party, my bday & then Christmas. I'll have to be strong to eat well this time of year! LOL.
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weigh in & excercise ideas [Oct. 30th, 2006|04:45 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

[Tags|, ]

I took a few days off tracking; I was pretty goog & avoided most the sweets that are everywhere this time of year; I had a couple brownies after the rollerskating event though & I also tried 1 of the jackolantern cookies (leftovers) ~

I did a weigh in & I'm down 5 lbs from 2 weeks ago when I started tracking. I would love to say it brings me to a new low: but it's sad but true that I had gotten down to 160 in July & had slowly gone back up to 170 by mid-October. So now I'm back at 165; and the good news is it seems everytime I checked over the last week I was steadily going down, and not up at all, so that's a relief: especially as I have neither exercised nor eating particularly little; counting somewhere between 1500 to 1800 calories a day is hardly a "diet" to lose wieght; it's pretty much a "standard/keep your weight steady" intake amount for my size To get to a "healthy BMI range" I only need to hit 133 lbs, according to most BMI calculators (133-135 range on this) so I am going to change my "weight ticker" goal from 125 lbs up to 133 lbs, as it is more realitic, and I think will be more encouraging for me to work towards. I can always make a new goal later if I'm not happy at 133 (ish) right?! *smile* I should hope so, at least.

- so that means I can really make a lot of progress if I figure out where in my schedule I can fit in a workout *sigh* It sure would help to have something regular (like a workout class - there is a Karate school a block from our house & Aurora is interested, I wonder if they have any "parent & kid" classes? But, Athena definately is not ready for that structured workout : HEH. I think 4 is when my little brother started & really loved it. 3 is about the smallest I've seen kids in martial arts classes & they do seem to love it, but they have to be at that "talking clearly" & "willing to stand still/follow directions" age. Although: Athena does do weekly stretch & grow at her preschool & I always get notes about how much she loves that. =)

But if I also had some routine I could do after the kids were in bed, that would be the best! I have, a yoga ball, pilates ropes, a couple jump ropes, some 5 lbs weights & a Yoga mat, so I figure I can do something during this after bed time (if I'm motivated)

------so back to tracking!-----------
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Oct 26 diet tracking [Oct. 26th, 2006|08:03 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

BF: maple machiato (maple syrup latte) (250 C)
LUNCH: ginger shrimp stirfry w/peppers served on whiterice (350)
& coffee w/splash of milk & 1 creamer (35)

------------mid-day subtotal (3pm) is 635 Cals today -----------

School parties: 2 handfuls of chips, half a ham sandwich w/pickles & mustard, & half of Athena's cookie. (550?)

-------------------------1185 Calories -----------------
SNACK/Dinner: half a piece of left over pork, lean style ~ on a piece of bread w/3 pimentto green olives & a piece of cheddar cheese & a celery stalk on the side & a beer. (i donno; pretty small piece 100, bread 100, olives & cheese 50 beer 100 ~350?? It was a pretty small snack: but well balanced.

Daily total: 1535
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These women are so inspiring! [Oct. 26th, 2006|06:52 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary


I want to be like this someday.

Click to see MORE strong graceful beautiful women!Collapse )
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Winds-day a la Pooh ~ or 'Weddingday' as we called it in preschool: hah. [Oct. 25th, 2006|12:07 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

BF: 2 small servings of Quiche @ Panera & a strawberry danish & a homemade latte w/half the milk
(um... we'll guess 300,300, 250 & 70 = 920 . ow. heh)

SNACK: coffee w/milk (25)
LUNCH: soup & more coffee. (125) Oops: missed lunch.
-------------------945 Calories midday - ow heh ------------------------

I may have a coffee problem, houston? Houston? .. ah well, at least I have a lot of coffee out here. heh heh.

AFTERNOON: green/mint-tea mixture (yes both caffinated)... & a triple berry muffin (from Panera too)(150)

--------------1095 Cals Hrm.& it's all downhill from here-------------

hooo yeah, downhill fer sure.

Mcdonalds w/the kids: busy night w/pumpkin carving, homework & Lost & a bedtime goal of 7 to 7:30 to hit -whew-
I had grilled chicken salad w/no dressing (250) & the kids left over fries (250) & a sip of applejuice (30?)
Dinner: 530 est.

Will be having prob. 2 beers later, so I'll just ad that now: 200

Daily Calories total: 1825 I think...

Yeah, no wonder I'm not loosing weight & not gaining weight - maybe going down 5-10 lbs to slowly gain it back?? I'm eating all the calories I need, a few less some days, but in general, I'm eating what I need // so : No loss.

*sigh* I hate being/feeling hungry though - or, really: I don't hate the feeling: I hate the fear of starving. Which is truly inane: yes, especially as I am overweight: but, nonetheless, I have a fear of starving to death: lol. I better figure out how to reassure myself that I won't starve: other then eating.

ok; that's it for today's diet journal. Maybe tomorrow will be better! Lol (I shouldn't have allowed myself to skip lunch: or get a big breakfast: tsk tsk).
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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2006|04:50 pm]
Tracking daily Nutrition, Goals, Vitamins, Dietary

[Tags|, ]

healthier recipes of interest:

chickpea soupCollapse )

Asparagus Soup in SecondsCollapse )

Chicken Enchilada Soup IIICollapse )
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